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Joss Stone: Total World Tour
 mini doc

Since 2017, I've edited footage shot on Joss Stone's Total World Tour. 


She's visited every country in the world, and whilst there, made a mini-doc about a local charity. 

Be At One: Bartender Challenge 

Be At One runs an annual bartender challenge for their bartenders, and the finals took place in central London. I cut together quick 15-second edits to showcase the finalists. 

Pipt: Mo Farah & Jonny Marsh 

Pipt, a new curated popular culture platform, got private chef Jonny Marsh to teach 4X Olympic gold-medalist Mo Farah how to cook a quick, healthy pre-workout meal. 

Pipt: Nile Wilson & Martyn Ford 

Nile Wilson taught actor and body-builder Martyn Ford some gymnastics in a vlog-style edit for Pipt.

Pipt: Davey Grant 

A behind-the-scenes look at MMA fighter Davey Grant in training.  

Yorkshire Schools Dance Festival promo

A video to showcase the Yorkshire Schools Dance Festival, an annual festival for children in Yorkshire to perform and celebrate dance. 

Song of the Open Road 
short film

The final scene of a short film directed by Sonia Wargacka in 2018, following a young artist who discovers she has Huntington's Disease. 

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